Richard Jones
Mayumi O.Takayama
Abstract painter
Doug Portrait
Fujiko Isomura Printmaker : Metal leaf on mixed media prints
"In my work I bring together old and new icons and images from American and Japanese culture. These combination of images represent the history of two cultures as well as my personal throughts about the world I am experienceing. As the modrn artist I begin my work by computer manipulation, collaging, and the printing of images. I then return to the formal art techniques of painting and gold leafing to complete my work."
Carmel Anderson
Peg Cullen Painter : Watercolor, Acrylic
I continue to be interested in a wide range of subjects painted on a large scale in order to express my feelings and observations about them. I continue to strive for a balance of realism and expressionism in my work.
Carol Bjerke Photography, Artists' books